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The book that will make you want to talk about you!

"I am the brand" is a practical essay that will give you the keys to identify and promote your personal brand while remaining authentic.

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What you'll find in this book:

- The link between trust and personal communication


- The marketing levers of influence and self-marketing


- How to build the right positioning for yourself


- How to tell each other without telling each other

- Distinguishing between personal communication and character building


- Make personal branding a collective approach


- Why embodying your ideas is essential to change the world

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Ideas are immortal, but first they need to be embodied in order to exist. To put oneself, to adopt a personal communication is not only necessary for one's individual trajectory, to transform one's career and to achieve one's goals. It is the individual stories that move the world because it is in the singularity of a personal case that one touches the universal.

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You are, and therefore your brand is also, an identity in action - with elements that do not change and elements that have the right to evolve. Our identity is dynamic, and one of the deadliest attacks you can make on your potential is to assert "this is who I am" as an absolute and unchanging truth.

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Every employee has a story to tell, and the more this personal story can be linked to the collective trajectory of the company, the more meaning the individual will find, and the company will succeed. And until the company understands the importance of making room for the self, the collective will suffer.

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Book bonus:

Télécharger l'étude sur les valeurs des entreprises - version actualisée et approfondie 2021

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